G-suite adoption Case Study: Leading Logistics Service Provider Company


  • Founded in 1989.

  • Located in India.

  • This company is a new age and innovative International logistics service provider with an efficient network of own offices at all key locations in India and having presence in US East Coast and Mauritius.


  • The company was using a Windows based in-house Post master server which was maintained by their in house IT team.

  • They were facing a lot of mail delivery issues like delays and failures.

  • Being a logistics service provider, reliable mail communication system was of paramount importance.

  • With offices all over india and overseas, they were looking for a cloud based email solution for better accessibility from any location any device.


  • After evaluating most of the popular cloud based email solution, the company decided to deploy G suite for their organisation.

  • As majority of the employees were already using Gmail as their email provider, changing their work email to G Suite took lot less training and resistance.

  • Some of the users kept using Outlook as they were more familiar to it using GSSME

  • It took a month to migrate old emails and to on-board all their employees to G Suite.


  • Employees were surprised to see the decrease in the time, it took for the mails to reach the intended recipients without any glitches.

  • Evonence provided comprehensive G Suite user training to increase user adoption of features like Drive, Hangouts and Sites which in turn reduced their dependency on emails.

  • All of their mobile sales-force were able to use their own mobile devices to access their emails on the go.

  • The dependency on third party tools for videoconferencing and Document storage was reduced to large extent.