If your organisation has made a decision to deploy G Suite or If you are already using G Suite, then:

In order to ensure a successful utilisation, you need to ensure that your employees are fully aware of the capabilities of G Suite and how to take advantage of the new features and facilities of G Suite's service.

In addition to our G Suite Deployment Services to assist your administrators in moving to G Suite, Now We(Evonence) offers structured training courses to educate and support your employees and new joiners.

Onsite Training or Online G Suite Training:

We strive to make our training accessible and cost-efficient, so we offer both onsite G Suite training and Online(Hangout,Skype,uber conferencing etc.) training as possible delivery methods. We will help you to decide which delivery is best to fit your user needs and culture, or can provide a both solutions to help you to train users across multiple locations and/or time zones.

Onsite G Suite Training:

On-site training courses are delivered in a series of concise 1 to 2 hour sessions to minimise business impact and are informative and engaging. The sessions are instructor led with small numbers of attendees.

Online G Suite Training:

All courses are delivered by certified expert direct to your employees desks wherever they are in the world using the latest online e-learning (web-conferencing) techniques which reducing lost time and saving money. Training materials are viewed online through a web browser. No additional equipment or headsets are required. The sessions are instructor led with small numbers of attendees.