G Suite Admin: New Features

G Suite Admin: New Features..!

Are you a G Suite administrator, then this information is for you. In recent time,Google team announced various new features to help G Suite administrator to manage their all users in more efficient way. By adding such wonderful features the G Suite product becomes more efficient for both admins and end users.

Here we are trying to explain in short couple of such exciting features which are now available in G Suite admin console


Calendar email notification logs in Admin Console:

Track calendar notifications and view changes to your users’ calendars, events, and subscriptions

G Suite administrator, they can track changes to calendars, events, and subscriptions in the Google Calendar audit log. They can also track the email notifications associated with these actions in the audit log. This information is helpful when you troubleshoot issues or when your users notice discrepancies or unexpected changes to their calendars, shared calendars, or specific calendar events. Log entries usually appear within one half-hour of the user action.

Users in your organisation they collaborate using Google Calendar, Mainly these users depend on email notifications that are generated while they manage events and calendars. Such as: event invitations, event updates, RSVPs and calendars sharing can all generate email notifications that are sent to event guests or calendar subscribers.

Sometimes accidentally these notifications are triggered by third-party calendar clients or go missing (because of incorrectly configured Gmail filters, accidental email deletions, etc.) With this new feature Google Team is exposing calendar email notification logs in the Calendar audit section of Admin Console, so as a G Suite administrator, you can easily investigate issues related to calendar email notifications. Each log entry provides insights on the type of calendar notification, its sender and its recipient as well as information on the calendar client that triggered it. You can also obtain the notification’s Message-ID which can be cross-referenced with the Email Audit logs, in order to confirm whether the notification was successfully delivered to its intended recipients.


Hope with this new email notification logs in the admin console, it will make it easier for the administrator to troubleshoot issues for their users.

Email gets quarantined, Administrator can now notify internal senders:

As a G Suite administrator, you can configure policies and settings to quarantine messages sent to and from your organisation. Quarantines can help prevent spam, minimize data loss, and protect confidential information. They can also help moderate message attachments so that your users don’t send, open, or click something they shouldn’t.

Below is an example of the email that users will receive when their emails get quarantined:


image1 (1).png

How to Enable to this Feature:This feature can be enabled from Admin console, where you setup and configure policies to quarantine messages, here there will be a checkbox at the bottom to "Notify sender when mail is quarantined (onward delivery only)".

image2 (2).png

If you want to know more such exciting features in G Suite, please do contact us.

Nisha Rajpurohit