Google Cloud Platform..!

Why Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of public cloud computing services offered by Google. The platform includes a range of hosted services for compute, storage and application development that run on Google server. Google Cloud Platform services can be accessed by software developers, cloud administrators and other enterprise IT professionals over the public Internet or through a dedicated network connection.

Google Cloud Platform lets you focus on what’s next for your business.It frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks.



Future-Proof Infrastructure

Live Migration

Google Compute Engine instances can be moved to nearby hosts while active—even while under extreme load—complete with their working SSD storage (up to 1.5 TB). Since your VMs don’t need to be rebooted for host software updates or other standard operational tasks, uptimes are superb. This ensures predictable performance across all the different parts of your application.

Pricing innovation

Google has re-invented the way customer pay for cloud. Innovations like per-minute-billing, sustained-use discounts that offer optimal pricing without locking you into potentially obsolescent gear, custom machine types and special pricing for particular use cases combine to give you the best price-performance available from any cloud computing provider. You can use Google`s detailed pricing calculator to model your savings in switching to Google Cloud Platform.

Custom Machine Types

Any size machine, as long as it’s a power of 2? Not on Cloud Platform. Google let you configure the right combination of memory & virtual CPU for your workload, so you no longer have to overprovision to fit your vendor’s rate card, which means more savings for you, potentially up to 50% more price/performance efficient, depending on your workload.

Second Archive Restore

Google Cloud Storage Nearline delivers sub-second data availability and provides high throughput for prompt restoration of data.It’s fast enough that many customers simply use it as their only storage tier. Competing systems take 4-5 hours to do the same data archiving tasks, offer substantially lower throughput, and often charge confusing and expensive fees for restore.

Here Google fees are simple: 1 penny per GB/month to store, 1 penny per GB to restore.

Global load balancer that scale to 1 million+ users instantly

Google`s built-in load balancer is part of a worldwide distributed system for delivering customers to infrastructure, the same system that supports Google products like Maps, Gmail, and Search. Its autoscaling capabilities are designed to tolerate extreme spikes in traffic, and easily scale from no traffic to millions of requests per second, in seconds. This improves the performance of your applications: every user, no matter how many of them show up at once, will make it through to your stack.

Faster boot times

Compute Engine instances boot in the range of 40-50 seconds, roughly 1/5 of the time required by competing clouds. This means you can grow your application’s serving capacity very rapidly in response to incoming traffic, just like Google do for their own applications.

Google Grade Security

Deploy on an infrastructure protected by more than 500 top experts in information, application, and network security. The Google security model is an end-to-end process, built on over 15 years of experience focused on keeping customers safe on Google applications like Gmail and G Suite. With Cloud Platform your applications and data take advantage of the same pervasive security model.

Global network of data centers

The same infrastructure that runs G Suite is available to you on Cloud Platform. Google’s global network footprint, with over 75 points-of-presence across more than 33 countries, ensures you receive the same low latency and responsiveness customers expect from Google's own services. Recognized as some of the most energy efficient and secure in the world, Google’s decade of data center innovation is immediately available to you.

Powerful Data & Analytics

Big Data, no waiting.

Based on the same distributed data services Google Team uses at Google, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Datalab and Google Cloud Data Proc are changing how you analyze and use data. Customers say tools like BigQuery are “nearly magical” because of their performance. Queries that used to take hours or days now take minutes or seconds. The result: more insights and value, realized by more people in more companies.

Context-rich applications

Great apps delight us by suggesting what we want before we know it ourselves. Apps should respond to context, telling us the best route to drive right now. Products like Google Cloud Dataflow and Google Cloud Pub/Sub make it easier for your code to use huge amounts of data to deliver amazing context-rich experiences.

Citizen Data Science

Rather than keep your most powerful data tools in the hands of a few experts, Google Cloud Platform unlocks data to empower your entire organization.Google tools like BigQuery and Cloud Datalab bring data directly to the people who run your business, because they’re most likely to find the insights that create value.

Machine Intelligence

Google Cloud Machine Learning gives everyone access to the deep learning systems that power services like Google Translate, Google Photos, voice search in the Google app, and smart replies in Gmail. Soon available as a cloud service (alpha), so it’s easy to incorporate in your app.

Server-Free, Just Code


Developers create software- the driving engine of the modern economy. Precious time spent spinning up servers, tweaking network settings and generally making technology work right steals cycles from real innovation. Serverless means your most precious cycles are devoted to code, with minimal time spent configuring infrastructure.

Cloud Made Easy

“Easy” means easy to create, easy to maintain, and easy to scale as your traffic and data storage needs change. Google App Engine natively supports load balancing, micro-services, authorisation, SQL and NoSQL databases, memcached, traffic splitting, logging, search, versioning, roll out and roll backs, and security scanning. Go from zero to millions, without breaking a sweat.

Get started with Containers

Containers break down conventional software stacks to make it easy to run code at scale. Google provided source code for containers to the Linux Foundation, and worked with industry to create Kubernetes, an orchestration engine based on tools we use to launch two billion containers each week. Google Container Engine is an easy way to start and scale your use of containers with Kubernetes.

Rich Mobile & Web Apps

Firebase, offered as a stand-alone-service, is an easy way to build scalable, server-less mobile and web applications. It powers your app's back-end, including data storage, user authentication, static hosting & more. Firebase provides these services so you can focus on creating extraordinary user experiences.

Nisha Rajpurohit