Salesforce with G Suite..!!

Many organisations uses both Salesforce CRM and G Suite, These organisations should strongly consider enabling the connection between the Salesforce and G Suite. Doing so lets your organisation track email conversations and link important Google Docs on Salesforce records. Connecting this key information in Salesforce will enable staff to more effectively serve your constituents.

There are many different levels of integration available, and once you understand the options, then you can decide which of them make the most sense for your organisation.

Recently Google shared the stage of two integrations that Salesforce built on top of G Suite: Salesforce Lightning for Gmail and Sales Cloud integration with Google Sheets. In addition to existing integrations with Google Calendar, Gmail (for Salesforce IQ), Drive and Contacts, these new offerings will go a long way in helping people work effectively with smarter tools.

Salesforce and Google have created several integrations between their products. Lightning for Gmail, Lightning Sync, Sales Cloud for Sheets are three of the integrations described by Google. There is now a Lightning Pane in Gmail that displays relevant Salesforce information when you are reading an email. For example, when you open an email, you can see all the open opportunities stored in Salesforce related to that email. When you click on an opportunity you can see a selected set of information inside Gmail, but you can bust out of gmail and display that opportunity directly in Salesforce in one click. This will also scan the email for contacts and identify any that are not already in Salesforce. Then you can add that content directly to Salesforce.

Salesforce Lightning for Gmail:


Lightning for Gmail supports sales reps who spend 23% of their day in email and calendar apps. With this integration, you can now see Salesforce records relevant to gmail emails. You can copy emails right into Salesforce and you can take action by creating new Salesforce records from inside Gmail.

With Lightning Sync you can get contacts from the google address book into Salesforce, and you can sync Salesforce contacts into Google.

Calendar events sync between Google and Salesforce. But salespeople can see Salesforce records related to appointments in the Google Calendar.

Integration with Google Sheets is a live integration that lets you view any listview from Salesforce directly into Google Sheets. You can make changes into the Sheet and the changes are synced with Salesforce right away. You can now use features in Google Sheets, like sorting and filtering records, update the content using the Sheets tools and keep all the changes up to date in the Salesforce platform.

Sales Cloud and Google Sheets:


Link any Sales Cloud Listview to a source Google Sheet, and view, edit, and delete that data directly.


The Sales Cloud integration with Sheets, meanwhile, makes it easy for sales reps to link any Salesforce List View to a Google Sheet. Users can also view, edit, and delete records within Sheets and sync those changes back to Salesforce. Better still, the integration also supports your business logic and validation rules.

Google team happy to announce that this will be available in beta to all Sales Cloud customers by the end of this year.

Nisha Rajpurohit