Select the right G Suite plan that meets your business needs

Select the right G Suite plan that meets your business needs

G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It's simple to set up, use and manage, so your business can focus on what really matters. G Suite gives you three options to choose from namely, G Suite Basic, G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise.

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Below you can find more information on all the different plans :

  • G Suite Basic - Gives you a professional email address at your company, 30 GB storage per person, and Google's suite of collaborative business apps—including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs editors, Hangouts, and more.

  • G Suite Business - Provides an enhanced office suite with additional features built specifically for the needs of businesses, such as advanced mobile device management and Google Vault.

  • G Suite Enterprise - Delivers a premium office suite that adds advanced controls and features for the most demanding enterprises. Features such as data loss prevention (DLP) and email Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) encryption.

With Google taking care of the technology side businesses can now focus on the things that matter most making solutions that are quality, from start to finish.

Some of the uses cases the businesses have simplified the way work with Gsuite:

  • Provide real time data update on pricing and inventory to the field sales reps

  • Streamline communication between the vendors and suppliers.

  • Enable real-time collaboration on material demand and product ship commits.

  • Access to business services catalogs or manuals using Google drive from anywhere any device saving the cost for printed copies.

  • Managing employees schedules and shift up to date using Google docs and sheets allowing real time access and notifications.


**1TB/user if fewer than 5 users
Products on our roadmap and any products in an early release or testing stage are not guaranteed to become generally available, may be significantly modified from their current form, or may be launched as part of a different subscription from what is currently indicated

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