How Enterprises are Accelerating Business Growth with G Suite

Enterprises in today’s world face various operational challenges. The evolving markets and products often call for real-time collaboration. Companies are also embracing cloud storage to avoid risks like ransomware attacks and data loss. The clincher is that today’s average professional wants some flexibility in their work schedule.

How can businesses not just keep up, but excel in this environment? By adapting and evolving to meet the challenges. With G Suite, productivity stays high in the ever-evolving work environment while corporate security is maintained. In fact, according to TechCrunch, more than 3 million companies had already begun paying for G Suite services by 2017.



Through various applications, Google has created a way that companies can share information throughout the ranks seamlessly, thus keeping the flow of information and work going without any barriers.

The following applications are great for collaboration:

Google Docs

They provide a platform for staff to access and collaborate on a single document. This can be information like instructions or official communication. Google Docs also has smart capabilities like recommending related images to your text.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets behave like spreadsheets that can be shared and accessed by many people online just like Google Docs. Multiple employees can enter data from remote locations, or customer care representatives can make calls and fill in responses and comments while another team reads the comments and makes real-time decisions. This real-time response and decision process is absolutely vital for customer retention and business growth.

Google Slides

Staff can even collaborate remotely to create presentations. Meetings can happen asynchronously and with people all over the globe.

Other collaborative applications include Google Sites, Google Keep, and the Jamboard.

Real-time collaboration

What an employee is doing from his own personal device is reflected to other employees at the same time. Many team members have access to a document and know where each member is working to prevent confusion, and this is why collaborating with G Suite is effective.

Companies still have another problem of allocating and controlling access and privileges. The admin can set some team members to get rights to create and edit some documents, while others may only have permissions to view. Those privileges can also be set to a limited time to accommodate for temporary employees or projects.

This ensures that organizational structures and data remain secure without unnecessary steps.


G Suite offers dedicated communication channels within which people can interact and communicate. The main medium is Google Hangouts. It supports voice and video calls as well as meetings. Working and talking on a single platform reduces time wastage, and it keeps all communication records in one place. Hangouts grows with your business, so new people can be added or removed as required. It offers a flexible environment for growth.


G Suite is very customizable, giving businesses the opportunity to set up unique policies and organizational structures. Various features such as commenting on data or color coding can help businesses keep their information organized for fast access and to track changes to data.

Through the admin console, you can set apps for tasks and use the Google Calendar to set schedules.

Administering information

As employees work on the go and share files, the business must keep its data safe.

The powers of admin start from the very top of the hierarchy. The admin can set permissions by departments as well as domains. Each department can be subdivided. Even then, members of one section can be granted access to information while those who do not need it are not allowed access.

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Setting domains are useful when an enterprise is working with a subcontractor. To implement this measure, create organizational units then add members to the various units. You can then set sharing permissions for each unit. Restrictions that you can set include viewing, editing, and sharing. For instance, a member can see a file but not have permissions to share.

Device management

The business can keep track of an ever-increasing amount of assets and control usage with ease. Admins can also individually communicate with staff using the device management feature. It gives administrators reports and enables them to take measures like wiping out sensitive data in case the devices fall into the wrong hands.


Companies that migrate to G Suite will have fewer expenses related to IT hardware because cloud storage is more secure if the right measures are taken to protect passwords.

G Suite enterprise provides unlimited storage and easy access to the stored data through multiple devices. Data in google drive is also easy to store, sync and share easily with select people within and outside the organization where necessary. All company data can be backed up on Google Drive in real time when the team works online.

The following features ensure you maintain control of stored files:

Keeping data safe

The central admin can allocate rights to documents and files in hierarchical order. This means the organization still controls whatever happens to its data.

Unlimited storage

Enterprise and business clients of G Suite enjoy unlimited storage. This can greatly reduce operating costs while preventing data loss.

Easy access

The Drive Stream feature enables quick access to online files without the need to download and use up disk space. This means little time is spent syncing and more time working to grow the organization.

G Suite also supports collaboration with other third-party apps like DocuSign for e-signatures. Plugins for Microsoft and Outlook also ease organization of information in a fast-moving environment. When dealing with parties that use other apps, files can be transferred in various formats like pdf.


One thing that is often overlooked when people talk about G Suite is the number of third-party apps available. These apps provide many functions in addition to google apps.  Whether it is a third-party CRM or security solution, once integrated into your G Suite, these apps can be accessed from anywhere.

This means it is easier to work on the go and address emergencies better. It is important to note that, as an admin, you can still set restrictions on networks used to access the Suite by setting IPs that devices can use to access the G Suite.

Final Thoughts

G Suite offers a great many solutions that can positively impact enterprises by cutting costs and improving flexibility, opening room for growth in all directions. Furthermore, Google has tweaked G Suite features so that it is easy to migrate from other options with ease.

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