G-suite adoption Case Study

                                                 Retailer company

Background :

This Retailer company was formed by a group of farmers  growing fruits & vegetables. This company currently operates as a collective group of farmers aka 'Farmer-Producer Company (FPC). It is a trusted, value driven and professionally managed Farmer Producer Company (FPC) of the farmers, by the farmers, for the farmers.

Challenges :

This company was not always a large company – but they grew quickly through a handful of leading farmers together over the last few years when they started selling their agro product online. They were stumbling along with a fractured email and collaboration platform built around with their old email platform Rediffmail pro. It was unreliable,non collaborative platform with less storage size, especially for a company without a dedicated IT department.

Solution :

They evaluated various options. Meantime they connected with Evonence team- A leading Google Cloud partner.We at Evonence understood all their  pain points and offered a G suite solution for their organisation. After going through in depth demo & trial with test domain,they decided to make the switch to G Suite in Aug  2016. With help from Evonence , this Retailer company were up and running on the new domain by Sept of 2016.G Suite facilitated access of emails on multiple devices and minimised cost of other infrastructure.

Benefits :

Google Apps has helped them streamline  their day-to-day work. By using Google Drive, they have reduced the average time it takes to deliver an estimate to a customer from one week to just three days. Instead of sending different versions of huge files around by email, they create a single shared folder on Drive and housed each of their estimates drafts there. That way, they can easily share, edit and collaborate on their work as a team in less than half the time it took before.The Gmail and Google Drive mobile apps have changed how they interact with potential customers.They are experiencing a huge change in their work-style now, everything is in real time with less time investment. The administrator has control over the entire domain and can manage day to day activities and monitor logs. It has been a happy beginning to a new wave of collaborative and secure  workflow at the Business.