Web Hosting on Google Cloud Platform

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Why Google Cloud Platform?

Google cloud platform includes a range of hosted services for Storage, compute engine and application development that runs on google’s hardware.

Google cloud platform provides services and infrastructure to Build, deploy applications, websites.

  • Easy to deploy - Easy to create VM instance as per your requirement, you can choose among different operating systems. One click deploy.

  • Higher Uptime and Reliable - Website loads quickly without any disruption.

  • Collaboration : Many users and access and collaborate same project at the same time.

  • Flexibility to users : will have ownership over their data

  • Economical pricing of Google : You will be charged only when the instance is up. You can use pricing calculator to estimate the price as per your usage.

  • Data ownership, Back up -  If some part of a component is not functioning, then Google will create a backup. This means you are storing your data in different locations (minimum two locations). In case,something happens, users won’t lose their data

  • Robust and fast network

  • Privacy and Security - All your data will be secured. global load balancing will protect against hackers. Google notify you if they detect a breach of security that compromises your data.

You can host static website on google cloud platform on google cloud storage or google app engine.

What you can do with hosting a static website.

Upload files : you can upload all your files to server and set permissions. 

Share files : you can make all the files accessible publicly or can set individual files accessible.

How can Evonence Help?

  • Plan

  • Deploy

  • Management 

  • Support

Google Maps Platform


The Google Maps Platform is a set of APIs and SDKs that allows developers to insert Google Maps into mobile apps and web pages using a simple JavaScript interface or a Flash interface. Google Maps Platform makes it easier than ever to execute a location-based service for your business.Google Maps for work merge the familiarity and simplicity of Google Maps with added functionalities customized for your business.Google Maps Platform include an updated color scheme, and typography for improved clarity and readability.  Ridesharing companies can insert the Google Maps navigation experience directly into their apps to boost the driver and customer experience.

Google Maps Platform  offers various API features Street View with Panorama,Heat Maps,Style Maps,Indoor Maps,Auto Latitude and longitude.

The new Google Maps Platform is have now been packaged into three core products: Maps, Routes and Places.to make it simple for you to find, explore and add new features to your apps and sites.

Maps : 

Maps lets you bring the real world to your users, with static and dynamic maps.  Google Maps has over 25 million daily location updates that come from a variety of places including Street View imagery and 360-degree views.

Routes  : 

Provide directions and accurate journey times as well as predict future travel times, based on live traffic data, with routes for driving, walking or cycling, Gives your users the best way to get from A to Z  with real-time traffic data,with high-quality directions,determining the distance and estimated travel time when using the powerful APIs supplied by Google.

Places :

For finding exact location by phone number or by address has never been easier for places.

With Google Maps Platform, Places help users find the right location faster than ever with Google Places Autocomplete API users are able to explore the world, encounter and interact with more than 150 million locations.Enable users to find specific places using email address, phone number and real-time signals. 

Evonence Services to enhance your Location Experiences

Here are the benefits you can get from Evonence for Google Maps Platform such as help to set up your Google Maps Platform account,Provide your users with detailed maps to guide them in their travels,Licenses for internal and external implementation and asset tracking,An annual contract with the company’s terms, 24 hours technical support services,Service Level Agreement (SLA),With Google My Business enable your business to appear in Google Search Results. Help you to Bring your locational data to life on any device, everywhere you go. 

Business app development using Google apps maker

What is App Maker ?


App Maker is a low-code online tool for quickly building and deploying business apps on the web uses a powerful cloud-based development environment for G Suite that lets you build a wide range of apps  for your business and customize processes to help you be more efficient.

Building apps in App Maker is easy,users can create their own app within minutes. 

The software has a preview functionality that lets users test out the performance of their app.

Access to App Maker comes with any G Suite Business and Enterprise subscription, as well as the G Suite for Education edition.100% on the web ready to go with nothing to install or configure.Drag-and-drop UI, and point-and-click data modeling.App Maker is built on the same secure and trusted infrastructure as G Suite app like Gmail,Drive and Docs. Google’s new App Maker is a new way to build any app you need without coding from your G Suite account.

What can you do with Google App Maker?

Build apps faster,built-in Templates, a drag-and-drop UI design and easy to use file and database management system , add custom behaviors with Code (optional),create apps that can be “customized further with scripts, as well as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery content.”and publish your app quickly.

This service allows company developers to build custom solutions in a matter of minutes with minute coding.With Google App Maker, developers can configure powerful data models that allow their app to generate new data or import existing information

Main features of Google App Maker are:

  • Drag-and-Drop Function.

  • Deployment Logs.

  • Early Revision Republishing.

  • Templates

  • Data Models

  • Custom Application Development

  • App Preview

  • Deployment Settings

How Can Evonence Help?

Evonence has a team of AppMaker specialist who can help with

We as a appmaker specialist, will design the application architecture and user interface. We can apply some security measures to both data and the UI.We code scripts as per client requirements.Before handing it over to the client we test the app in beta environment to check if everything is working properly after successful testing we go for UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

To check if the product meets customer requirements.After customer approval we make product GO-Live to make app available for all users.

Workload Migration to Google Cloud

We talk to Business and IT leaders all the time who are evaluating public cloud providers. Business leaders, in particular, are under pressure to deliver on digital initiatives. Competitive pressures and the need to respond quickly to customers and partners make time-to-value a driving concern. Not every enterprise can afford to take on a prolonged 12-18 month migration effort where benefits are only realized at the end. 

Delaying the time to realizing value leaves companies at a severe competitive disadvantage. By taking the traditional prolonged approach, we see companies sacrifice market impact, squander internal capital, and increase exposure to market disruptors while compounding the business risk.

 Companies need approaches that reap the cost, efficiency, agility and innovation benefits of the cloud in a way that returns value continuously.

Let’s think about what this means for your business. A 12-18 month front-loaded engagement is reminiscent of traditional IT practices where resource provisioning and project planning spanned months or even years. The costs add up quickly. Think about the project team that has to be dedicated to the migration’s planning and management. According to ZDNET, almost half (47 percent) of early migrators said they have teams of more than 50 people dedicated to their migration strategy and process.  Leaders, architects, developers, and IT ops staff lose morale and enthusiasm as projects drag on for months — leading to the assumption that cloud adoption brings no new benefits compared with legacy approaches to IT. You also might spend time looking for the right consulting partner and onboarding them - costing more staff time. 

The most significant costs, however, come from the fact that your business is not able to take advantage of the fully-managed cloud services that lead to the resource efficiency and agility to capture and respond to new opportunities that are the hallmarks of successful cloud adoption. This is where businesses realize the true value of cloud: the managed services that allow you to consume resources efficiently based on actual business demands, turn data into insights without managing the underlying infrastructure, and eventually tap machine learning to generate predictive insights for your business processes. 12-18 (or longer) delays in realizing these benefits go against the spirit and original purpose of cloud computing. Moreover, it creates market vulnerability for businesses at a time where businesses across every industry are gaining digital capabilities through the cloud

What if you could start reaping the benefits of cloud earlier than you thought is possible? What organizations may not know is just how much we can shorten time-to-value, by selectively targeting both applications and data. By targeting the right workloads for migration — combined with a combination of technology and service offerings delivered via Google and through partners — value can be realized in the cloud on the order of weeks.

With Google Cloud, we help you identify the first few workloads to migrate so you can start gaining the benefits of cloud faster. Google Cloud gives you an agile way to move to cloud that helps you concentrate on building your application, while we help you move to a robust cloud infrastructure.

Google Cloud offers a variety of discovery and evaluation programs combined with enterprise-ready tools that can inject agility and speed into a company’s migration process. Selective application workload and data migrations allow customers to begin taking advantage of the benefits of public cloud as fast as weeks — up to one or two quarters depending on scope. Once workloads and data are migrated to GCP, customers have access to Google Cloud’s massive ecosystem of innovative services — from fully-managed database offerings, serverless big data analytics tools that minimize ops burden, machine learning APIs, to an entire suite of monitoring & operations tools for developer and ops teams to tap.

Google app script Development

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Why Google Apps Script

Google apps script is an application development platform used to build web applications to integrate with g suite. You have access to built-in libraries for Gmail, drive, calendar and more.

Easy to create add-ons and publish for Google docs, sheets, slides and forms.

It’s a scripting language used to write programs which will be executed on google servers. You can write the script and publish it on the web, same can be deployed as a web application for your organization.

What Google Apps Scripts can do?

  • Write custom functions and macros for google sheets.

  • Add custom menus, dialogs, and sidebars to Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms.

  • You can publish google apps script to web applications which anyone          can run from their browser.

  • Link with google services like Gmail, Drive, Maps, Calendar

  • Build Add-ons for google docs, sheets, forms,slides and publish them.

  • List all your google Team Drives using Google apps script.

  • You can upload google drive files to dropbox 

  • Update values in google sheets

  • Build chatbot to streamline hangout chat workflows

How Evonence can help?

  • Design the User friendly Interface

  • Design the Application Architecture

  • Coding 

  • Testing

  • Go-Live

  • Management and Support