G-suite adoption Case Study

                                        A Distributor Company

Background :

  • Founded in 1992.

  • Located in Ohio with distribution centres in Indiana and Florida.

  • One of the leading beer distributors in the area.


  • The company was using Microsoft Exchange Online for some users and Office 365 for some users.

  • This solution lacked many important collaboration features like document sharing, real-time editing, instant messaging, video conferencing etc.

  • They were also dependant on a third party solution for Mobile device management as they had a large number of mobile workforce.

  • For a company with a heavy mobile workforce, the current solution was lacking lot of mobility features.


  • The only solution to all their problems was a cloud based email collaboration platform from Google i.e. G Suite.

  • The company evaluated G Suite capabilities with Evonence and decided to go ahead with it.

  • As majority of the employees were already using Gmail as their personal email provider, changing their work email to G Suite took lot less training and resistance.

  • Evonence provided couple of training sessions on mobility features as well as collaboration.

  • It took couple of weeks for them to on-board all their employees to G Suite.


  • Greatly benefited in both efficiency and productivity by switching to G Suite.

  • Also, the TCO was reduced as they were using single solution without any third party solutions or different plans for different users.

  • Familiarity with Google eased transition and increased user adoption.

  • The dependency on third party tool for MDM was removed as G suite had enterprise level device management capabilities.