G-suite adoption Case Study

                                               A Logistics Company


Background :

This logistics company was founded in 1995,they are a full service logistics company partnering with thousands of national and regional truckload and LTL carriers. They offer less than truckload (LTL), full truckload (TL), expedited, roadshow, warehousing, and ocean freight services. This company is a mix of great people and great technology. Their success is driven by a strong partnership of employees, customers, and carriers.

Challenges :

This logistics company was experiencing significant problems with their email provider and was constantly dealing with issues of not being able to send or receive emails. With all of their employees on Outlook, they also experienced difficulty syncing Outlook.All employees lacked mobility capabilities and anytime, anywhere access to email. Furthermore, They received very little support to resolve issues. Employees and customers complained about the unreliability of their email correspondence and the problems it caused for communication internally and externally.So this Logistics company wanted to move to a reliable, cloud-based system that would give their employees the freedom to do their job instead of dealing with email issues whether on email client like outlook or Webmail interface.

Solution :

After reviewing all options, they quickly realized that G Suite was the best option to satisfy their email communication needs as well as provide added collaboration benefits through Google Drive and Docs. This logistics company contacted Evonence LLC a Google Cloud Partner, and after a consultative and planning meeting with this company's management, the project quickly began. Now their users are using G Suite from July 2016 very smoothly.They are using both webmail as well as Email client such as Outlook.

Benefits :

All employees now able to save a significant amount of time that had previously been spent setting up email and fixing the old system with limited support or guidance.Since moving to G Suite, they save at least 15-20 hours per week just from not managing issues and setting up email.The reliability and functionality of G Suite allows all employee to communicate reliably and safely with their stakeholders. The switch to Google Apps has also lessened the workload on their Employee, who find the services easy to manage, and appreciate not having the burden of Support issues like earlier, service outages and maintenance issues and costs.