G-suite Adoption Case Study

                A Real Estate/Infrastructure/Hospitality Organisation


A real estate organisation with more than 30 marvellous projects. An award winning conglomerate which has spread happiness by creating more than 15 lakh sqft of life spaces. A brand which is manifesting pluperfect quality and innovation in everything it creates. This Real Estate, Infrastructure and Hospitality organisation was established in 1998, and now spreading all over India with adoption of new technologies.


Being successful at real estate is all about being fast to respond to customer needs. It requires IT to enable the on field agents via mobile devices and  also provide basic tools for agents to win the businesses . They were using in house hosted Exchange 2013 server with large maintenance cost and were faced with multiple issues. Aiming to cut  cost and manpower it took to maintain the in-house equipment and the desire for increased collaboration, this Real Estate company decided to update their on-premise systems.


After evaluating several cloud platforms and selected G Suite for their Business for its flexibility as a comprehensive collaboration suite, perfect for a workforce consisting largely of independent contractors and staff on the each site. With infrastructure maintenance and mobility acting as big drivers for this Real Estate’s move to the cloud, ease of use and adoption were also considered. Many staff were already familiar with Gmail’s interface as their personal email solution, and G Suite collaboration piece with Drive and Docs also factored into this Real Estate’s decision to move to Google Apps.

Benefits :

The adoption of G Suite for this real estate business paved way for a flexible platform to work for everyone’s needs, whether they’re located in an office or at any ongoing project site.The reception and adoption of G Suite for this real estate has been extremely positive – with a multitude of remote workers. G Suite has proven to be flexible for use across multiple operating systems and devices. Independent contractors no longer have to purchase collaboration suites independently. With G Suite everyone has access to the same email and collaboration solutions, greatly increasing overall productivity.