G-suite Adoption Case Study 

                    A Retailer Organisation(Irrigation & landscape)

Background :

This Retailer Company has been around since 1965, family owned, and operate 30 locations throughout Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, and Oklahoma. They are specialized in irrigation and landscape lighting sales for residential and commercial application.

Challenges :

Before moving to G Suite, This Retailer company was on Microsoft Exchange in house server and has Outlook installed on all of their desktops. Running on Windows Server 2007, they were faced with the inevitability of upgrading due to the rapidly-approaching support expiration date. Furthermore, there was a need to eliminate expensive and time-consuming maintenance and overall dependency on local servers. There was also a considerable amount of time spent resolving Outlook issues on the desktops.


The IT Team of this organisation evaluated several different solutions, and chose G Suite Business after careful review. They reached out to Google Cloud Partner firm Evonence LLC for consultation and implementation of G Suite Business. The implementation project began with their organisation IT team conducting a discovery phase with their staff to address any change management concerns.We(Evonence) constructed a plan to address any potential issues and workarounds needed to make the transition as smooth as possible for their organisation team. Evonence LLC completed migration in couple of Weeks as all data was in pst format.

Benefits :

The implementation of G Suite has resulted in massive cost and time savings for the organisation. Now they don`t worry about Outlook issues on the desktops. They saving a significant amount of time and expense that had previously gone into managing and maintaining licenses to support on-premise servers. The reliability of G Suite provided freedom for their IT team to focus on projects that mattered instead of being caught up managing servers or resolving email issues. Beyond cost savings, G Suite has provided then with a new way to communicate and collaborate. The staff was delighted with the ability to easily and securely access their documents and email easily, anywhere, and on any device.