Migration from Kerio email platform to G Suite: A G Suite Customer Story

Business domain: Automotive

Users migrated to G Suite : 450

Approx email data size for G Suite migration: 650 GB

Location : US

Business Needs:    Our client is a leading automotive dealer offering a wide selection of vehicles. They make the car buying process as quick and hassle-free as possible for their customers. Because of this enterprising approach, they are one of the market leaders in their sector. 

The need for a platform that is as adaptable as their employees

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Their legacy mail solution on the Kerio platform had multiple limitations in terms of the options they could offer to their employees.  With 450 users relying on the platform, they wanted to experience the same type of hassle-free experience as they were offering customers. That meant updating to something that would be adaptable to all of their needs going forward. With a growing customer base, they had an increasing need for a secure and reliable enterprise-grade collaborative platform to improve the customer experience as well as employee productivity. 

The necessity of a fully integrated platform

Before making a decision, they identified several critical aspects that they wanted the change to accommodate.

They required:

  1. Options to access their product data and offerings catalog from anywhere and on any device for sales team members

  2. An easily accessible and adaptable company-wide centralized repository for the sharing of resources.

  3. Elimination of any data storage on local machines.

  4. Better email performance, reliability, and security while communicating internally within the company as well as externally with clients and vendors.

  5. Near-instant collaboration for customer quotes, proposals, and the exchange of information

The G Suite Solution

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They selected G Suite as a product platform because it offered one single comprehensive solution for all their workflow needs. The product capabilities, SLA, adoption of their existing base of customers, and use cases helped them to make the decision easier. 

The Evonence G Suite deployment approach

They chose Evonence as their G Suite implementation partner based on our experience, proof of concept success, technical solutions expertise, and guidance throughout the process. We set to work in migrating them to a platform that would be as capable as the company utilizing it. 

This included: 

  1. Zero data loss migration from their Kerio mail server to the G Suite platform for a smooth transition

  2. Complete migration of mail, contacts, folders, and groups

  3. Setting up dual delivery during the migration process for a smooth transition even for early adopters

  4. Ongoing communications with all employees regarding changes

  5.  Employee product training for a trouble-free transition to the new platform

  6. Setting up Google sites and Google Drive for collaboration

A smooth transition from the client's perspective

The client shared what the migration experience had been like for them:

“Switching from our old mail server to G Suite was painless. The migration of users and emails from the old system to G Suite was easy and worked like a charm. Using G Suite to manage my organization is great as everything is well documented and super easy to find.”   

- IT Manager 

G Suite’s advantages

The auto dealer now has a system at their fingertips that is just as reliable, flexible, and responsive, as they are

They have benefited from:

  1. A smooth transition from Office Suite products gradually as employees gain familiarity with Google products

  2. Ongoing Google adoption programs to make sure all the employees are aware of upcoming changes and how to take advantage of them

G Suite for business users

The automotive leader is also seeing improvements in day to day work activities. 

The company is experiencing:

  1. Much improved email performance

  2. Significantly reduced spam complaints from employees

  3. A collaborative calendar for team sharing

  4. Use of Google Meet for customers as well as internal meetings encompassing several office locations

  5. Realtime use of Google collaboration platforms including Docs, Sheets, and Slides 

A smooth transition to a fully functioning and versatile platform improves productivity and reduces employee stress from dealing with unnecessary complications and inefficient systems.  

Rahul Keluskar