Migration from Zimbra email platform to Google G Suite platform

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Business Need

The company is a reused and recycled electronic parts reseller that has been in business since 1994; long before being “green” became a household term. They were using the desktop-based Zimbra mail client for email and collaboration needs. This 2 TB mail system was hosted by the Zimbra Mail Server 8.x on their premise and was maintained by their IT team. 

Renewing Their Business Capabilities 

The emergence of new technologies offered exciting opportunities, such as the G Suite Business Plan, to reduce the time needed for delivering products and services to customers. To take advantage of these developments, they decided to modernize their infrastructure as part of a far-reaching digital transformation. This included moving to cloud-based intelligent applications that would effortlessly connect their customers, employees, and suppliers.

The Evonence G Suite Deployment Approach 

Seamless migration 

Our approach includes zero-loss data migration from the company’s Zimbra mail server to the G Suite platform. This consists of a complete transfer over of mail, contacts, folders, shared folders, and groups for all 125 users with 35 shared and public folders as well as 45 groups between them. 

To provide a seamless experience for early adopters, this also included setting up dual delivery during the migration process so they could access their data and communications from either platform. 

Communication and training

Employees were included in the process and were notified about the implementation of changes. They also had the opportunity to access product training to ease their transition over to the new system.

Adding value

In addition to the migration of existing files, contact information, and emails; Evonence also set the company up with Google Sites and Google Drive for collaboration. In addition, Google Vault was added to give the company a secure data archive. 

Overcoming Hurdles

The business was keenly aware that migrating from their on-premise Zimbra system presented some challenges. They had to overcome the disinterest of employees and their concern about the potential disruption caused by adjusting to a change. Their team members were accustomed to the traditional desktop-based applications they were using. They decided to deploy a product from a brand that users recognize to minimize the shock of a new system. Another reason they chose G Suite was the ability it gave to control IT budgets by saving on the cost of licenses for desktop-based applications and maintenance.

The Evonence Change Management Approach

They engaged Evonence to complete the migration. We applied a very structured and Google-recommended change management plan to help ensure the project was completed on time and within budget. 

Before the changeover, Evonence sent across a migration plan they were able to follow step by step to a successful conclusion. Also, ahead of the deployment, Evonence provided training to help workers take advantage of the new tools that G Suite provides. 

Senior leaders within this company, including the heads of the finance and marketing, sponsored the project to help ensure its success.

G Suite Solution & Benefits


The company now runs its meetings and business performance review processes entirely via G Suite. For each meeting, a team member gathers, collates, and presents information to management on Google Slides. 

They now have a dedicated environment using Google Drive, where team members can upload files, spreadsheets, and data directly. Because every team member can access that drive, they can prepare more effectively for meetings and help ensure that everybody is on the same page.

Efficient Meetings

Using G Suite enables team members to review, comment on, or amend content ahead of presentations to management, eliminating the need for additional meetings. Managers and team members do not need to follow up after meetings to obtain feedback, as they can now access it directly on Google Drive.

Enhanced Productivity

They expect improvements in productivity and performance of at least 25%. G Suite is one of the primary drivers of digital strategy in the organization and is already enhancing the connection between customers, employees, and suppliers. 

They are incredibly enthusiastic about the further potential of G Suite to transform their business.

Rahul Keluskar