Case Study: Legacy Mail Kerio Platform to G Suite

An Automotive Dealer in Clive, Indiana is proud to be an automotive leader in our area. Since opening, they have kept a firm commitment to their customers. They offer a wide selection of vehicles and hope to make the car buying process as quick and hassle-free as possible. The business sells a range of different automobiles from different manufacturers across the world.

Their strategy had traditionally been highly localized, with independent IT infrastructures in all dealerships. They were using Kerio Connect In-house Email Server for their emailing needs. This infrastructure was not integrated, leading to extensive duplication of effort and activities across the business. In 2016, They started facing a lot of problems like downtime, delivery failure, and delay in mail delivery.

A competitive evaluation regarding hosting and disaster recovery confirmed their positive impressions. Google technology and processes in these areas outstripped the capabilities of the company’s own data centers. So, They decided to replace their Kerio Connect In-house Email Server with G Suite.

“Google came up with a migration timeline and process that met our needs, with an expert partner Evonence to ease the transition,” IT Manager says. “This was extremely important as the change represented a paradigm shift for a business that is very traditional and conservative.”

Evonence worked closely with the internal IT team to complete phase one of the migration to the senior executive team. We also undertook training and worked with the IT team to hold meetings at locations to explain the changes. In addition, We conducted a skills transfer exercise to enable their team members to complete the remaining phases of the project. We moved 400 users at different dealerships to G Suite from thier in-house Kerio Connect server. We migrated their emails, calendar events and contacts to G Suite using Cloud migrator. This was a complete backend process with Zero data loss and Zero Downtime. 

Benefits of switching to G Suite


One of the key differences between the existing Kerio Connect In-house email system and Gmail is the improvement in security and online safety. “We had an anti-spam engine but, despite this, our employees received a lot of spam emails and messages carrying ransomware viruses,” IT Manager says. “With G Suite, we don’t receive these messages anymore and we minimize the risk of our network being compromised by malicious infections that could prevent us from accessing our files.”

Using G Suite has reduced team members use of USB drives to share large files that would otherwise be blocked due to email attachment limits.

“Document sharing is now happening much more in the cloud rather than through external media, improving control and security,” IT Manager says. “In addition, people are reducing the practice of printing documents for meetings. One person in each meeting can now steer and control documents, reducing duplication and the possibility of errors.”


G Suite now enables its team members to manage their calendars more effectively and share documents with multiple people without having to aggregate feedback or manage version control. “Thanks to G Suite, our people are coming into a world of collaboration and modernization,” IT Manager says.

Nisha Rajpurohit