G Suite Collaboration Software For Car Dealers

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G Suite gets a lot of attention from both big and small businesses across a variety of industries, but what about automotive dealerships? It turns out that there is a lot G Suite can do for those of us in car sales as well.

This set of Google products can help with sales, advertising, communication with customers, communication with staff, hiring, car purchase paperwork, information access, meetings, decision making, inventory, and more regardless of if you are on the road with a potential customer, checking on inventory, or in the office.

Keep in contact with customers

Much of the money in the automotive industry comes after the purchase. Use Gmail to keep in contact with customers to tell them about sales, offer parts, suggest maintenance, show them future cars, and more. Create and save mailing lists and automate emails within Gmail for G Suite. Using the service, you will be able to send professional looking emails containing the company URL.

Stay in touch on the showroom floor

 With the wide variety of phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs that can connect to G Suite, everyone in your office can stay in contact with each other, even if you are in different rooms or across town.

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Utilize Google Hangouts to keep the chat going in real time and share documents effortlessly. For added security, distribute company devices that can be remotely locked or wiped in the case of loss or theft. However, G Suite also functions on personal devices as well and access to your data can be instantly limited or removed remotely on those as well. Everyone can stay in touch while your company and customer information stay secure.

Stay in touch on the road

If a customer has a question while taking a test drive, the salesperson they are with can send a quick message back to the office for an answer. Keep all resources at your fingertips and never be out of reach of the office again. Are the questions about the vehicle specs? Access the information in Google Drive directly from your mobile device at any time as long as you have a data connection. You can also download files offline if you will be traveling through areas with an unreliable mobile signal.  

Keep up to date on automotive inventory

By using Google Sheets, a live inventory can be kept that everyone has access to. Each item (or car) that is added can stay on the list until a sale is made. You will always know exactly how many cars or parts are in your inventory at any time. If you end up needing something that is not available, make a note on the sheet for your purchasing department. Everything is updated in real time for each person in the dealership to see as long as they have an internet connection. You can also share a similar list with your vehicle and parts manufacturers, so they can know what you are in need of.

Keep car loan information in one place

There are usually a variety of vehicle loan options available, depending on the customer’s unique financial situation, credit rating, and the vehicle they are buying. Keep all of that data on hand in a Google Sheet and store all of the necessary application forms in Google Drive for easy access from anywhere. Google Drive can save you from wasting paper or having to dig through piles of documents. Scan all completed documents into Google Drive to keep a secure backup on the cloud for easy access.

Keep all forms and documents in one place

Selling a car can result in a mountain of paperwork. With unlimited cloud storage, you can keep a copy of everything sorted, filed, and easy to find in Google Drive.

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You will save on paper while making the sales process seamless for everyone involved and allowing your company to remain compliant when it comes to retaining customer, vehicle, and sales information.

Simplify the hiring process

Need extra summer help? Use Google Forms to make the process an easy one. Have potential workers fill out a form and the information will be transferred to a Google Sheet. From there, your Human Resources department can have a look at the data and see who is likely to be a good match. Initial appointments can be set up via Gmail or Google Hangouts, and don’t forget to add them to your Google Calendar.

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Once you have new workers, they can be easily onboarded via documents saved in Google Drive, prepared training presentations, Google Hangouts training sessions, and more. Do you want to know if they have learned the information? Use Google forms to create a test (or tests) to measure their knowledge and readiness to start the job.

Use DocuSign, integrated with Gmail, to get employee hiring documents signed and returned quickly without wasting time.

Have meetings wherever you are

Not everyone can be at the dealership every day, but Google Hangouts can get everyone together via video conferencing for important sales meetings. Keep everyone in the loop with meetings, training, and information sharing via secure team messaging, video calls, emails, presentations, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and more.

Keep everything secure

Keep track of who can and cannot see documents in Google Drive. Use the admin panel to quickly add or remove new and leaving workers. Revoke and add permissions as necessary and control who has access to what documents. It can all be done with a few clicks from one panel. You will always be in control. That leaves less worry and more time to spend on the showroom floor!

Get more use out of G Suite

Do you need to make your emails come alive for customers? Do you want to automate certain processes or get reminders to follow up and call them? Are you ready to add apps or make your website more informative for customers?

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Chances are, there is an app for that in the G Suite Marketplace. G Suite has partnered with hundreds of companies to bring you an endless variety of apps for nearly any business situation. You aren’t just getting a set suite of features. You are getting a world of business tools and options at your fingertips.

Are you ready to hit the road?

Don’t miss out on the move that companies everywhere are making. Use G Suite to get everyone in your business onto the same page. Make communication with customers as well as workers instant and easy. Share files and information securely and quickly. Always stay up to date and never get left behind.

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Nisha Rajpurohit