Why G Suite may be right for your small business


Every business needs functionality to get and stay organized, present themselves in a professional manner, and keep everyone within the organization on the same page. Regardless of if you are dealing directly with customers, vendors, clients, contractors, employees, or even if you are a one-person team; ease of use and professional branding are key to giving a small business that professional big-business feel.

Get as organized as a large organization


"We settled on Google because it was at the forefront of cloud-based tools. We have three offices, so syncing information is key as it allows us to do everything remotely…It's really a streamlined process, and everything is easy to manage." spodek, head of Spodek Law Group P.C. via CNET

There is so much functionality within G Suite for communication, streamlining of processes, storing and allowing access to shared documents, and instant collaboration.

With G Suite you can get more functionality out of Google Hangouts. Instead of up to ten people in a video chat, you can invite thirty people using just a shared link and without the aggravation or confusion of required sign-ups or plug in downloads. Use the Google product to create virtual chat rooms and talk with employees with all the benefits of file sharing.

Even if your team is spread far across the globe, you can still maintain open, fast, and effective business communication.

Share files with team members and interested parties in Google Drive. With G Suite, you will receive 30GB of storage. If that is not enough, there is an option of unlimited storage for a $10-per-seat monthly fee. That is a small price to pay for a very large amount of storage.  

Use Google Docs and Sheets to collaborate instantly on documents and keep everyone up to date on and actively involved in the progress of projects. Both Docs and Sheets can be accessed from anywhere, which is important for businesses that may be depending on contractors or part-time workers and may not have everyone in the office at all times.

While you are checking out Google Docs, be sure to try Explore. It is machine intelligence that can recommend related images or documents based on your text. It can help save time and make the work process much more effective.


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If that is not enough, Sites is G Suite’s intranet for employee access to company information and files. Create your own site with easy drag and drop functionality. Keep it secure with setting that allow you to control access and keep everyone in your organization up to date with the current relevant information. Thanks to intelligent mobile responsive designs, everyone can also access it on the go with their mobile devices.

BlackDog Advertising immediately saw the benefits when they switched from Microsoft Office to Google Apps for Work (G Suite) five years ago. Their employees quickly found out how efficient it was to use all of the features available in Gmail and Hangouts. They loved the functionality and ease of use so much that they even went on to explore Chrome For Work and began to connect their clients’ devices to create interactive displays.

Improve your brand

Many people use Gmail to communicate with customers, clients, vendors, and more. With a classic Gmail account, you are limited to an address will look something like this: you@gmail.com. With G Suite, you can use a branded company email address in Gmail, so your email will look like you@yourcompany.com. It is a lot more professional looking and can go a long way towards giving a small business credibility.

“The simple act of having a separate account / separate window and inbox for my business emails was incredibly helpful to make mental boundaries between my life and my business. I was able to organize my business emails and start with a clean slate.”

Annie Franceschi at GreatStoryCreative

Branded email has several benefits:

  • Lower bounce rate, with less of your email being flagged as spam

  • Helps to keep work and private email separate

  • Promotes your brand every time you send an email

As a bonus, the amount of space you have for email, as well as other purposes, is doubled with G Suite. You will have 30GB of Gmail and Google Drive storage.



Grow your business

According to Deloitte, the fastest growing small businesses use cloud technology such as G Suite. Small businesses using cloud technology grow 26 percent faster and have 21 percent higher gross profits than their competitors. They cite flexibility as one of the major advantages of working in the cloud.

Simplify training

The core of G Suite, such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Calendar, is something that many people are already familiar with. Even if someone has not used anything from G Suite before (which is becoming a rare occurrence), a familiarity with Microsoft Office will make the transition nearly seamless. This can save hours of time in training that a small business may not be able to sacrifice. Everyone can just get right to work with minimal time spent hunting around for tutorials!



Let workers use their own computers

G Suite can be accessed from anywhere. Even if an employee doesn’t have internet access, they can still access files offline. In addition, because of the compatibility between Microsoft Office and many of the features of G Suite, employees can edit Microsoft Word documents in Google Docs and Microsoft Excel sheets in Google Sheets without having to download or purchase the Microsoft Office suite. This saves the company money and you do not have to worry about installing expensive software on everyone’s personal computers or being forced to purchase additional equipment.

As for the security of those devices, G Suite offers a tie-in with Android and Google Chromebooks. If the company owns the Androids, there is even an option to remotely reset the device and block its use by anyone who may be unauthorized in the event of theft, loss, or an employee leaving.


Stay in control

Set or revoke access as needed. Add two-step verification. You can even manage and change access and data on devices that may contain sensitive company information. This is not just relevant for company-owned devices. There are also security features that can be used with personal devices that are being used for work.

Never leave your important documents in hands they do not belong in and always have immediate control in case a situation changes and access needed to be changed for any or all documents and features for a user, device, or group.


Final Words

G Suite is well suited for small businesses and startups. The affordable price brings big functionality to small businesses without losing anything along the way. Collaboration is effortless and can be done across multiple devices, in multiple locations, and without extensive employee training or unnecessary software purchases. The product helps with growth, branding, collaboration, storage, security of information, and communication; and it can grow as your business does.

Do not lose out by skipping out on using this effective, trusted, and well-recognized solution for collaboration and communication internally as well as with vendors and clients. Make sure that everyone has access to up-to-the-minute changes and keep on top of any problems or updates as they occur. Your business will see the benefit.

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Nisha Rajpurohit