Drive Enterprise by Google Cloud


Google Drive Enterprise is Flexible & low-risk, standalone offering,usage-based pricing, a new standalone of Google Drive that can be purchased separately from G Suite all-up.

Google Drive for Enterprise has the superiority regarding syncing and accessibility. All of your data lives in the cloud and updates in real time across your shared users and devices, including smartphones and tablets. If you are a business and want to use Google Drive, then your only option until now was to purchase a full G Suite subscription, even if you don’t want or need access to the rest of the company’s productivity tools. Starting today, though, these businesses will be able to purchase, a subscription to a standalone version of Google Drive, too.

You can try Drive Enterprise virtually risk-free, then scale it easily. We designed Drive Enterprise to be interoperable with the tools enterprise businesses rely on, so change management isn’t an issue.

What Drive Enterprise can do:

  1. It’s cloud-based and collaborative so you can work from anywhere.

  2. It works with your existing tools

  3. It helps you keep your content secure.

  4. You should only have to pay for what you use

  5. You should use a service that helps simplify migration

What Drive Enterprise Includes :

Drive Enterprise includes Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Forms as well as a host of enterprise admin and security features like Security Center, Cloud Identity, Vault, Mobile Device Management.Drive Enterprise does not include Gmail or Calendar.

Drive Enterprise Cost

Drive Enterprise cost $8/mo per active user,plus $0.04/GB-month for storage.

Drive Enterprise is a great option for customers who are not ready to transition to G Suite all-up or for those who are unsatisfied with their current content management platform.

Google Drive’s vision:   

  1. empower every organization

  2. to realize the full value of the content it creates

  • We believe this pricing model is the first step to fulfilling our vision

  • Our vision is to empower every organization to realize the full value of the content it creates—no matter where they are on the journey to the cloud and regardless of how they’ve built their product stack.

Drive works with the software you already use :


Work on your migrated files without interrupting your team’s productivity. We have a big commitment to making sure Drive works well with the applications the enterprise needs.

Drive File Stream—Stream files directly from the cloud to your computer, on demand, from a simple letter drive UI, without the sync times

  • Work with 60+ file types including MS files.

  • Work on your files on the go from any device, anytime

  • Know who’s actively editing static files to prevent document conflicts and version overrides

  • With Team Drives, all your on-prem file sharing rules remain intact once data’s been migrated.

Enhances teamwork & ease of use

Drive makes it easy to be organized

  • In the enterprise, players that move faster tend to win

  • That’s led to enormous efforts to change the way things are done in the name of speed...agile, lean, devops, etc


Metadata, easy UX

Enables cross-cutting curation of content

users self-serve apply categories how they need

simple, obvious UX if you can see a file, you can see metadata, etc.


Metadata helps tackle complex organizational jobs

Make finding files in Drive faster and easier
Keep existing metadata intact after migration

Enables powerful finding

Files discoverable based on context, content, or status

Supports multi-term structured search

works automatically with Google-style full-text search

Improves Teamwork

Reviewers can view and approve documents anytime, anywhere, on any device and in multiple interfaces

Sends notification to all parties once request is approved or rejected

Approvals, for people

Users easily request an approval and select reviewers/approvers

Locks documents to create certain that the right version is reviewed

Simplify and speed up the approval process
Reduce confusion and unnecessary follow-ups

Drive is the simplest pathway to transform collaboration, productivity, and security

  1. Flexible and low-risk: Standalone offering, usage-based pricing

  2. Simple change management: Designed to accommodate the entire transition from migration to adoption

  3. Secure and easy to control: Meets every enterprise requirement for managing the flow of information

  4. Delivers transformative innovations: Uses AI and ML to dramatically improve how individuals and teams work

Nisha Rajpurohit