G Suite for Media and Entertainment

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Media and entertainment companies are advancing and combining new technologies, as well as creating content and information that is seen by millions. Empowers people to share their dreams with the world.

For media & entertainment companies need resourceful tools to help them to increase productivity and collaboration.Tools must be available 24/7/365. With Google’s impressive 99.9% uptime service level agreement (SLA), world-class collaboration & sharing tools, production companies have the resources to deploy news stories in the fastest way possible.

Working from anywhere any device:

In G Suite you can access your email and files on smartphones and tablets,Easily recruit, interview and provide training by using google hangout,Create, share, and manage digital assets, Collect feedback from the public on new product.This means your executives can run portfolio of over 20 products whether they’re in the office or travelling around the world.

Media and entertainment using Google Drive and Google Vault to secure file storage :

Drive and Vault are two highly secure file storage tools in G Suite.File storage is critical for many workloads, Drive enables users  to save work files and folders in Drive or Team Drives and share them instantly with external ad agencies and vendors,upload files, share with colleagues, and make edits, while vault gives files protection for future use. Administrators can control who has access to these files, giving organizations an extra level of security and employee accountability.

Speed up Production Process

Media and Entertainment companies need to deliver content faster than ever before, and in         more formats, to keep up with rapidly-changing consumer demands With faster and more visible approval cycles, create, edit, manage, and share in real-time with your team to instantly

launch your content.

Train users anytime, anywhere, from any device

Need to train media professionals across many locations, shifts, and products? Create a self-service training portal and store all your videos, campaigns, promotions, policies, and safety procedures in Drive or Team Drives. Then, embed these stored files in a Sites training website. Save time and travel costs by conducting a virtual training class across the globe with Hangouts Meet. You can even record the training to make it available later.

Media & Entertainment companies need real-time collaboration tools.

With employees spread across the globe, leading companies in the Media & Entertainment industry turn to G Suite for Work to make sure employees have the right tools for collaboration. Remote employees can easily attend meetings with Google Hangouts and meet  and upload files remotely via Google Drive.

Below is the real life example of company that has transitioned to G Suite

Haymarket Media Group

London-based Haymarket Media Group is the largest privately owned media business in the United Kingdom with more than 2,000 employees worldwide. Our 60 consumer and business titles range from marketing, medical and financial to sports and automotive. After more than half a century in publishing, Haymarket Media is transforming itself into a “Digital First” company that focuses on specialist markets via channels which include web, mobile, face to face events and print. This requires a more centralised way of thinking and a sea change in the way we collaborate -- which we get now with Google Apps.

Implementing Google has been smooth. It took just six weeks to move 800 mailboxes earlier this year, G Suite integrates with other systems we use, like Salesforce.com and Active Directory. It also saves us money -- we have G Suite for about the same price that an email upgrade would cost.

But it’s the collaboration, flexibility and time savings that our employees love most. The 30 gigabyte mailbox in Gmail means people don’t waste time deleting emails; every single employee has an extra half hour in their week that was previously spent clearing out the inbox. During a recent office relocation employees were able to do their work from anywhere using Google Apps on their laptops and mobile devices.

Nisha Rajpurohit